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About me

Hi! I'm P.K. Gautam and the founder of Techaaptak.com. I am tech savvy person. Gathering information related to “technology” and “learning new” is my passion. I spend a lot of time for it. 

I have created this website to give technical knowledge to our readers. My mission is to inspire my readers to learn about technology. I started this blog in may 2017 to share information and tips/tricks about technology in Hindi. I will try to update your tech knowledge, by my blog – techaaptak.com

About TechAapTak.com

TechAaptak.com is a tech blog. The purpose of this blog is to give information related to technology, like android, windows, software, how to, blogging, web hosting, SEO tips etc in Hindi language. This blog is for all those people who are interested in learning about Technology or want to become a tech expert. I hope you will love my efforts.
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